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In almost every instance, breakdown in an organization can be linked to communication barriers between individuals.  Executive Coaching is a tool used to illuminate one's strengths and weaknesses within an organization, and to learn more effective ways of utilizing one's own unique skill set and personality style within the department or company.  Coaching is typically done via phone, but can also be face-to-face in some instances.

Although similar to personal coaching, executive coaching is typically targeted around organizational goals (both general and metrics-based), and is often included as part of the annual employee review process.  I work with individuals and/or businesses to determine the best course of action for each individual receiving coaching services.  My coaching style is straight forward, reality based and goal oriented...with a touch of humor. It combines one's unique situational needs with both education and useful tools to help with changes now and in the future. 

As an Executive Coach, I collaborate with professionals to:

  • Gain insight about strengths, barriers and self-limiting behaviors
  • Mutually identify one or more objective and realistic goal(s)
  • Take action toward improved work performance and personal fulfillment


                                                360 Degree Feedback Assessment (Optional Tool)

The 360 Degree Feedback Assessment is a powerful tool often used as a complement to Executive Coaching, which provides employees (typically senior staff but can be used at all levels) with the opportunity to receive performance feedback he or she normally wouldn’t get.  Results show impressive hard data, and also illuminate the ‘soft skills’ so vital to personal effectiveness, but often go overlooked in the review process.

With the 360, customizable rated-scale and open ended questions are developed with the individual and/or employer.  Information is gleaned confidentially through an independent source (i.e. In Touch) - from all levels (boss, peers, direct reports, customers) and are then compared with self scores. With the exception of the boss, rater scores and comments are anonymous, so people feel comfortable responding openly and honestly. Results are depicted in easy-to-read graphs and include comments which often uncover a whole new depth of information not found in the typical review.  They reflect true, unbiased, well-rounded feedback.  

The individual being assessed comes away with a strong picture of his or her strengths and areas needing improvement. Then, in conjunction with a trained coach, the employee actively participates in developing personal, realistic and measurable goals through the executive coaching process.


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